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Op-ed about Beto

The idea that all the problems ailing our communities will be resolved through the mass collection of digitize ballots going through winding electrical wires to be delivered as the silver bullet toour political boogeyman is a liberal wet dream.

One new white guy faking Hispanic roots attempting to join the senate replacing the  Zodiac Killer, will not change the fact that the people are still going to be called “illegal”, be thrown into cages justified by judicial reckonings of ethnicity and so called citizenship, and be cast into the lowest caste of America barred elevation by institutionalized racism.

This liberal fable will not stop our obsession with missiles and guns, but in fact supports and nurtures it. This fable will not bring in Socialism of any kind, but the facade of welfare capitalism disguise as “democratic socialism”. This fable will support the genocidal tendencies of an Apartheid government filled with vile hatred, and malcontent against the Palestinian population.

A wave from his left hand will not solve homelessness but abide it to continue and to increase if that means a better profit margin for the fam. A wave from his right does nothing but sedate and hypnotize the Hispanic population, who pray for a better life devoid of racists cops and I.C.E., and young people who want a better life devoid of debt and the putrid stink of decaying late stage capitalism.

The Dallas Observer came out last week to endorse this democratic fable, a yuppy named Beto O’Rouke.  A sell out from El Paso Texas, who made grounds in his community trying to destroy a historic barrio,a ghetto, and replace it with a stadium. The families of the barrio gave him cool nicknames like “lil bitch” and “puto”.

As a guy who is supposed to help fix our Immigration problem, he like most Democrats, only deal with what is visible. Reforming or replacing ICE, easing raids, and solidify the DREAMers act is like cutting the stock of a weed. Never dealing with the vast system of roots under the dirt. Reforming and or replacing ICE will just give power to another organization who will commit the same atrocities, easing raids on the federal level will not stop mass deportation, and solidifying the DREAMers act will not help undocumented who are not dreamers nor will it make the application process to become a dreamer, or a citizen any less harrowing.

One of the many lies Cruz spat from his orifice was that Beto supports open borders. To proliferate the racist undertones of the Republicans immigration policy. Granted I wish this was true. Despite popular opinion opening the borders is not a step back into chaos but a step forward. America had opened borders before and we held up just fine with no negative economic or social impact. We closed the borders due to racist and xenophobic ideas being spread across the country around the 1920’s using immigrants as a scapegoat for many of America’s social and economic problems. More info (here), (here) and (here).

Another more concerning thing Cruz and Beto did under the Obama administration was voted for a little small measure called the TPA. The Trade Promotion Authority gives the current administration the ability to fast track trade deals, without the nuisance of filibustering or the process of bringing at back to the house to make more adjustments to a trade deal. Most Democrats think this is awesome right? Hell, yeah Obama can enact the TPP!

Everyone wins! Except workers and consumers. Which if you think about, it constitutes almost everyone in America. Leaving only the rich, multi-national corporations, Obama, and the Republicans. I would say the Democrats as well, but at least in the house only 28 out 185 voted for this. It makes it even worse when you start to understand how horrid this trade deal was. It was considered NAFTA on crack. Something that even Donald Trump cannot muster up in his devilish pea size brain of his. Only a group of heartless psychopaths from multinational corporations could think up of. Well among those who supported the bill, two was noticeable: one, Tim Kaine that nobody who was Hillary’s running mate and two Beto O’Rouke. If you want more info about the TPP check out these two videos (AJ+) (WikiLeaks).

Still moving on is the Taylor Security act, basic summary 631.5 billion dollars invested into the arms forces on top of the trillions already there. Including 28.5 Billion increase for essential readiness recovery. Plus, the decision to take away more non-existing aid from Palestine. Which to be honest I did not even know they even got pennies from the American government. So here is the drill, I make a damning remark against Beto, give you some sources, and demonstrate how crazy this guy can be at times. Also, just a side note, he also votes for military budget increases regularly.

Why does this matter? What is the point on writing an op ed against Beto? Especially since a lot of people are putting money on him to win? It is a reminder that politicians suck. Even the ones who say that they are soooo punk rock on their professionally made business cards. Handed out by some old white lady with too much time on her hands, but too much apathy to do something important like feeding homeless or spreading an empowering d.i.y. political strategy to kids or instigating a much-needed slam pit at a boring Willie Nelson concert.

Granted the other two options available on the ballot is the Zodiac Killer in the flesh or the Libertarian. The former wants policies to further accelerate our economic demise as a country, accelerate environmental degradation which if I might add will spell the end to 7 BILLION people. While scapegoating undocumented workers as the reason why our economy is going down the drain and denying the substantial evidence for man-made climate change. Noam Chomsky puts it best when he described the Republicans as worse than the Nazi’s.  

In reality change does not come from the top, from the people in charge. It comes from massive upheaval in the streets. Beto is no Martin Luther King. Once he is there the only thing he wants from you is to keep quiet, don’t get angsty, and wait four years to vote for him again. By idolizing a man as your political savior is foolhardy; your real political savior is sitting right next to you on the bus or your co-worker, or that person you once recognized as a person full of potential staring back at you in the mirror before you crush your soul working a 9-5.

Do not expect one man to impeach Trump, or to reverse Republican policies, or to get rid of this caste system, of the: rich aristocracy, poor workers, the undocumented, and prisoners and homeless. The lower in this system you are the less likely your leaders, the ones you voted in, will listen to your concerns. Understanding that even if you are middle class or working class you still have significantly less power to influence a politician. Than you average CEO. 

Don’t only fight in the ring of electoral politics by endorsing candidates you can stomach, without the need of the lesser of two evil bullshit you ingest every time you turn on CNN.  Refuse to vote for politicians who do not make concessions to your ideology. Why should we tailor ourselves for politicians? Why not the other way around?

This can do better than voting in, statistically speaking, another rich white ass, who will only support the things you support only 1/3 of the time. Civil rights were not won by voting for the lesser of two evils. It was an arduous and long process cultivated through dozens of illegal actions. Martin Luther King was no Beto.

Building true grassroots politics requires: time, effort, passion, commitment, and building social bonds with your neighbors and comrades. Not two weeks of phone banking and annoying people to go vote. Only to cry when your candidate doesn’t get elected. Then wait two more years to try to make a difference again, this is foolish.

Fight in streets with civil disobedience, boycott businesses that refuse to serve LGBTQ individuals and make damn sure they will lose money, disrupt all city meetings until they comply with your communities demands, refuse to comply with cops and immigration until they stop being racist sexist dicks.

Strengthen your communities through networks of reciprocity and trust. Become the good neighbor not only to the working-class family but also to the working class undocumented and the working class African American families.

Revamp the underground railroad, conduct mutual aid with the impoverished, build squats for the homeless, provide general funds for the community, share food and other basic necessities. Simple actions like this can help find empowering solutions to systemic problems.

These are the first steps, the corner stone in creating cities that empower its citizen in the political sphere. Where communal politics like that of Rojava can flourish and blossom. More information about Rojavan politics (here). We are currently at a disadvantage. We gave our autonomy to the bureaucrats of representative democracy. Only to have them take our trust, our votes, and our confidence to morph into an aristocratic plutocracy for the rich. Proliferating the system without opting for change on a systemic level will just destroy us further.