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Mobile home community organizes against new Irving landlord’s steep demands

The reclusive new landlord of an Irving mobile home park has imposed stringent controls to gentrify the community, prompting residents to organize with the Texas Tenants Union to protect themselves from unfair practices. Under new rules drafted unilaterally, residents of the Oak Creek Ranch Mobile Home Park are restricted from such mundane acts as washing their cars within the park, and even the number and color of potted plants are subject to oversight.

Under terms of the new lease agreement, according to the Dallas Observer, residents are subject to immediate fines without meaningful recourse for appeal. Despite Texas law that gives tenants nearly three full weeks before having to vacate, tenants of Oak Creek Ranch more than three days late are now subject to having to having their homes entered and all of their belongings, including their mobile home, confiscated under the absurd rationale that not being able to make pay rent and inordinate fines means the property has been abandoned. Meanwhile, the landlord’s limited-liability company that’s claiming ownership of the property is registered out of Delaware, and managers won’t make themselves available for tenants to pay rent in person. When the property manager claims they hadn’t received the payment by mail, a handful of tenants had to pay double to keep from getting evicted. Others have seen their water and sewer utility bills quadruple some months.

The registered agent for title holder Alegre TKO is Eliot Barnett, a Dallas real-estate developer. It seems the residents are being targeted in a bid to drive them off the ground where some have lived productively for more than 20 years.

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The Texas Tenants Union provide education to tenants about their rights and organizes to protect their quality of life.

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