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2020 Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme, to attend North Texas Anarchist Book Fair

Organizers with the North Texas Anarchist Book Fair are proud to announce that this year’s fair will be joined by 2020 Presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme.

Supreme, who has ran for President since 2008, is considered by some a performance artist and activist. His attendance joins many local and national organizations set to attend this year’s book fair.

Emma Goldman Book Club to table at Dallas Art Show

For the past month two Latinx poets have been working furiously to put together an art show featuring visual artists, poets, food, music and anarchy.

The soon to be one-year-old Dallas-Fort Worth anarchist discussion and agitation group will be a vendor at the event. EGBC plans on bringing anti-capitalist and anti-police posters, as well as, stickers and booklets with introductory information about anarchism.

To check it out for yourself here’s the information:

Arte y Pan Dulce show

The Meet Shop OC

1409 Ferndale Ave.

Dallas, TX 75224


The cover is $5, contact EGBC if you cannot afford this.14117761_10210121546465788_2151535624404651509_n.jpg