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ANTIFA Unmasking Act

ANTIFA is apparently the KKK! A bunch of angry masked Democrats out to hurt those poor poor helpless right-wing nationalists. Who just want to cleanse the world of everyone but white people. Shame on you ANTIFA for punching these dappers and taking away their first amendment rights.

Any sane person reading that would think I have gone totally senile and self-preformed a lobotomy last night. But that first paragraph is probably the line of thinking that Rep. Daniel Donovan Jr. of New York and some of the bills other defenders had. Probably after a few nights of becoming literal Hammer Heads and building a mini wooden mock-up of the Trump wall in their backyard.

But literally this is an actual bill that just got introduced. Coined the “Unmasking ANTIFA act”. Which would “enhance penalties for committing crimes while in disguise. Specifically, wearing a mask while injuring, oppressing, threatening, or intimidating a person who is freely exercising their rights would face fines and up to 15 years imprisonment”.            [Link to the Bill]

So practically, in layman terms, if a cop sees you wearing a mask, thinks you are intimidating, oppressing, or threatening he can then go up to you and arrest you. Then take you to jail for 15 years because you thought it would be cool to wear an Anonymous mask and be edgy at a protest for once. This just gives cops another excuse to arrest people, in order to create safe space for shitty people (Alt-Righters and other white nationalists).

They would ignore the fact that cops are the literal EMBODIMENT of a person the bill “protects” us from! A person in disguise, wearing a mask acting threatening or intimidating. Who is willing to harm and strip rights away from a person…… Erm maybe a little too vague their Donovan?

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 1

But they will also ignore the fact that some Far-Right protesters wear masks and helmets, which could be in legal terms, a way to disguise themselves. But since they are holding Romanesque shields, or wearing an American flag on their backs, or just having their right arm raised shouting the 14 words of literal feces out of their mouth. They are deemed non-threatening by the cops and are the ideal American at a protest.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the fact how many times I’ve, or anyone else, seen cops pissing on left-wing protesters. But treat the Far-Right protesters with respect, giving them blankets, hot cocoa, and a safe space behind the strong cops (that part might be a little facetious).

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 2

One needs to remember that white nationalists committed the most extremist killings in 2017, according to NBC news. While the record for murdering people on ANTIFA’s side is still, to my knowledge, a whopping 0.

What society have we become when there are people out there actively wanting to support and give a base to the Far-Right. While others act complacent citing the Bill of Rights as their excuse for their apathy?

A base that was never given to the “Left”, not the democrats the actual “Left”. Our freedom of speech was purged a long time ago. In the times of Eugene Debbs, Emma Goldman, and the Hollywood 10. Where was the “Right” and the “Moderates” when the “Lefts” freedom of speech was forcefully taken away from them? Where was the “Right” and the “Moderates” when the Black Panthers were arrested for exercising their 2nd amendment rights? Or when the Supreme court ruled against the 1st amendment when Eugene Debbs was arrested for handing out flyers and being loud? Or when college students were shot dead at Kent State by cops? Or when any black person is injured, oppressed, threatened, or intimidated by cops, or crazy white people?

Now a group of people actively supporting genocide, racism, sexism, and Hitler is entitled to freedom of speech? Let them have a base, and disregard what happened in Europe before WW2? Entitled to be an accepted force in America?

And before someone says, “oh they don’t support genocide”. Well they want an all-white America, how in the hell are they going to fully do that hmmm? These people are dangerous, hands down. If it not those who are willing to create that vision by hand, its those who would take the institutional route and create their shit hole of a country from with in the political system.

If people do not rise up to stop them, who will? Where’s Richard Sphincter after he got cold-cocked? I am all for freedom of speech, but giving a base to these types of people, leads us to normalize their behavior, leading the next generation to believe that this ideology is ok to be around and adopt. Also giving us a Bad Religion single that at first glance shows that Greg might have lost his “keys” to the same couch as Jello Biafra did after the election.

This is not a 1st amendment issue. This is not about if wearing a mask or not should be considered illegal in certain situations. This is about the concern that some people in the national government want to crack-down even more against protesters who don’t really agree with their dreams of a clown pretending to be the American fuhrer. Making left-wing protest even more illegal than it already is. Which is the exact reason why they are forced to mask themselves in the first place. But rest-assured this is not going to pass. Which makes this entire article redundant, but hey. If this actually does pass too many republicans and a few old-timey Democrats are going to be arrested after their Halloween party where they all dress up like “ghosts”.

*Photo Credits: Rose City ANTIFA peeps, a photo of a pig, and a photo of four twits*

Cheri Honkala Arrested




Some might have heard of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and their perilous march from Philadelphia to D.C., suffering from a few arrests to a protester being taken to the hospital due to existing medical conditions earlier this morning. But one event that happened during the protest/occupation of the Housing and Urban Development building troubled many.

Cheri Honkala, a long-time activist, vice president nominee for Jill Stein in 2012, a single mother, and an all around Badass was arrested after the security of HUD deceived her and other protestors. Around 10:00 am in D.C. multiple activists including homeless and poor people met up at L’enfant, an enormous shopping center right next to the HUD to plan and coordinate the occupation of HUD. Those who went in carried signs under their shirts detesting HUD for their outrageous and appalling legislation that has wormed it way through thanks to Ben Carson.

Once the activists went through the front door, opposition from the security was fast. Cheri and a Californian activist named Tiny went through the security checkpoint and stood there demanding to see a higher up to explain the legislation that the HUD puts forth. The security guards gave them a demand, get half of your group outside the building and a HUD official will talk to Cheri. Half the group left, then the security guards demanded that the press (Journalists and live-streamers) vacate the building, which we were very hesitant to do, but everyone was hesitant of the security.

While most of the activists stayed inside the area between the lobby and outside to prevent being shut out. Homeland security showed up and ordered everyone outside. Once everyone besides a few activists who were allowed inside due to past agreements between the security and the activists, the guards locked the door to the building effectively shutting everyone out. Took them awhile as the security guards apparently did not know how to lock their own building up.

A little while after we saw Cheri walk into a hallway with numerous security personnel. When she walked back into view a few minutes, Cheri realized that they were leading her to a side door to kick her out. She stopped and promptly the DHS stooges arrested her. They forced her into the police cars with activists yelling and trying to question the DHS to figure out where they were taking her. Cheri stated she could not feel her left arm. The activists called up a lawyer and escorted him to the police station where Cheri was being processed.

Video of Cheri being arrested



Cheri Honkala made it out of jail last night. I found out the charges earlier today. The security at HUD and DHS charged the poverty and homeless activist with trespassing on “private property” which was paid by and for the people of this country through taxation. This was a federal building that operates for the American people; but when the impoverished and the homeless demanded a meeting to discuss legislation that threatens their livelihoods and push more souls out of their homes and on the street, HUD officials determined that the best course of action was to push out the activists with false promises and to arrest the organizer.

Thankfully she is out now, while this article dictates news that the activist knew two days ago, but to those who have not kept up with every crumb of information that comes out this might be wonderful news. This arrested did not dissuade nor stopped the powerhouse that is Cheri Honkala. After meeting with her today she was just as heartfelt and dedicated as she was yesterday during HUD.

In fact her and other activists went up to the chamber of commerce with a demand of a meeting. Unfortunately they weren’t allowed into the building and the security forced them off the stairs. No one got arrested. Another tidbit of info that came out yesterday, through conversations I had with the activists was that their encampment was taken down.

Due to the Park rangers and other law enforcement who broke the permit made to legalize the encampment on Dupont Circle. They came in mass lined up in rows, surrounding the Dupont Circle, acting like vultures trying to arrest the homeless who is apart of Cheri’s crusade against poverty and homelessness, thankfully no one got arrested.

During the last day of their occupation of Dupont Circle, a group of people brought food to the homeless, and the group got together to say their goodbyes and to pray. It was an emotional moment for many.

Later that day Cheri went to WPFW 89.3 to co-host the homeless marathon where the homeless around the world told their stories of struggle. They had people from London to D.C. call in. I also had the opportunity to interview Cheri Honkala, more on that later in the month.

Today marked the last day of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings Jr. march up to D.C., made not up of politicians, nor rich entrepreneurs, nor lobbyists, nor corporations nor even the middle class. But by the actual impoverished and the homeless around Philadelphia, California, Florida, and from other places around the United States.

All they wanted was to be heard and the federal departments refused to listen; while the mainstream media ogles on the White House and spy with glee across the sea towards Russia. Oblivious to the struggles of the American people. Those who Washington have deemed as second and third class citizens not as important as the lavished who occupies the high rises in downtown or the corporate elite who help oil the wheels of our water down democracy.

Pokémon Go offers a rare glimpse of an equitable society

A Haltom City teenager witnessed a fire of playground equipment at a school construction site while playing the Pokémon Go free-to-play mobile game. Other players have aided in the arrest of an assault suspect or built community spirit with a group sing-along of the game’s theme song.

The game’s outreach effects are just a sample of what an equitable society that prioritized people’s autonomy over their homes and workspaces would look like. Neighbors would likely need fewer work hours to secure a level of material comfort, leaving more opportunity for community building outside their homes, like the way Pokémon Go players are doing.

When social welfare is outside the reign of police powers and the necessity of wage labor, people have space to build their own alternative associations, and the perpetuation of those associations make coercive institutions even less relevant.

Image credit: Sadie Hernandez, Creative Commons license

Future private prison executive to be responsible for licensing private prisons (satire)

Dismissing concerns that his future employment with the Corrections Corporation of America would compromise his ability of regulating the for-profit corrections and detention facility operator, the head of the agency responsible for child and adult protective services told reporters he couldn’t believe some would question his integrity.

John J. Specia was appointed commissioner in 2012 of the Department of Family and Protective Services, overseeing more than 11,000 employees. “I as well as anyone should know what it takes to abide by the minimum ethical standards,” said the former district judge.

The Corrections Corporation of America came under scrutiny when one of its detection facilities in Texas was found by a federal judge to be in a “deplorable” condition, requiring the release of immigrants detained there. Specia is head of the state regulatory body that would oversee the facility under a proposed licensing program to keep the facility operational.

Specia said his future employment in the private prison industry shouldn’t come as a surprise. He added, “My whole career has been tied to the justice system, so I look at my future opportunity as just another progression of administering coerced labor and the institutionalized suppression of those who would oppose the ruling class.”

Haltom City council approves panhandling and day laborer ordinances

The second and final readings of the panhandling and day laborer ordinances were approved during the Oct. 12 Haltom City council regular session.

The panhandling ordinance was approved during the consent agenda. Past coverage is available here and here.

The day laborer ordinance was approved over the objection of general manager David Quatrino and council from Pacesetter Personnel Services, who disputed the constitutionality and effectiveness of the law. They met with staff from the city in August to resolve health and noise complaints and have since employed off-duty county deputy sheriff at the hall on E. Belknap Street. Quatrino claimed during the hearing that no one from the city had contacted him about further issues or let him know about the pending ordinance, which would force a handful of general labor halls to close immediately as they are more than 1,000 feet from a public bus stop. Quatrino estimated as many as 1,000 workers, including skilled and licensed professionals, would be displaced by the ordinance. The general manager requested that the ordinance be delayed while looking for an unoccupied location that would meet the ordinance’s proximity requirement. He wasn’t able to offer detail to the council as to how much time remained on the lease at the Pacesetter’s present location.

Mayor David Averitt said he was reluctant to reverse the decision made at the prior meeting with an appeal at “the 11th hour” before final approval. After convening in executive session for about an hour, the council passed the ordinance unanimously, although councilperson Stephanie Davenport abstained from the vote and discussion for conflict-of-interest reasons.

After a presentation from Keith Lane, the chief of police, the council also approved the purchase of four Chevrolet Tahoe patrol-ready vehicles for approximately $63,000 each. They would be replacing four Ford Crown Victoria models from 2008 and 2009.

Video of the session is available here.

Sherman council’s annexation offer leaving locals flushed

To gain access to the city of Sherman’s water system, a group of Grayson county residents are yielding to the city’s call for annexation.

Approximately 100 of the 150 county residents nearby Sherman who are experiencing issues with water services have signed the request for incorporation. The city council is making the water infrastructure improvements contingent on the expansion of the city’s jurisdiction. The support was expected as working-class people are commonly conditioned to give way to successive spans of servitude for access to basic means of survival.

Households that could see their cost of living raise by an estimated $800 per year have objected to the land grab. From KXII (News 12), “We can’t see any benefit for us as far as water or emergency services,” said Slyvia Hema, who resides within the contested 200 acres. “I mean we have all that and (sic) we’re happy with what we have.”

The city is expected to generate an additional $110,000 in taxes and fees per year if the annexation is completed, according to KXII. The city is planning public hearings in November and December.

Remember when geoengineering was just a conspiracy?

Apparently, it is not just for the “tin foil hat” crowd anymore. Geoengineering has become so mainstream that there are websites, articles and documentaries telling us all about how great it is. Take the not-so-subtly named Weather Modification Incorporated based in Fargo, ND. Here is what the company’s website proudly claims:


Now, more than ever, the worldwide need for solutions to atmospheric necessities such as water resource management and environmental quality monitoring, is critical. With nearly a half-century of successful programs, our experience speaks for itself.

Let us help you better manage your atmospheric and water resources.”

 How might a company modify the weather, you might ask. Is Weather Modification Inc. run by some kind of gods? No, they just try to act like it. It seems that those persistent contrails we have been seeing for years now might have something to do with this practice of weather modification, specifically the “aerial cloud seeding” method. Here is how this particular company is “Owning the Weather,” which is the title of a documentary in which one of the company’s representatives appeared. The method the company uses is described on its website:

 “Introduction of Seeding Agents

Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world’s population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years.

Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud’s ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has proven that cloud seeding increases the amount of precipitation.

Cloud seeding useful in the following applications:

     Increasing Precipitation

     Mitigating Hail Damage

     Dispersing Fog

 No job is too small . . . this company has a whole TEAM of cloud seeding “experts”:

“Enlist our team of cloud seeding experts.

Whether you are looking for a small operation or a full program, Weather Modification, Inc. can ensure your cloud seeding project runs smoothly. From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft installations, configured for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics, to ground-based seeding equipment and training, Weather Modification, Inc., has the equipment, experience and knowledge you need.

Types of Cloud Seeding:

Here are the projects going on in Texas that are listed under the website’s Projects and Clients

Texas Central High Plains Rainfall Enhancement Program
Texas Experiment in Augmenting Rainfall through Cloud Seeding (TEXARC)
Texas Weather Modification Program
At the time of this writing, the company has not responded to my inquiries about what exactly is being sprayed, who pays for it, who decides where and when the operations take place, and whether or not I can get them to make it rain for a rainforest-themed party I am planning.

If you want to ask them some questions of your own, please contact them at the website below.