The Trinity River Lookout is an anarchist media collective committed to protecting working-class residents from the abuses of landlords, police, politicians, employers, capitalist interests, the military-industrial-legislative complex and the prison industry.

Editorial Guidelines

The Trinity River Lookout strives to serves as a platform for local residents to participate in the distribution of journalism with a comprehensive portrayal of core issues and of emerging ideas. Articles and tips on breaking stories and events are welcomed for submission. Unless otherwise noted, originally published articles are released under the most recent Creative Commons unported international license.

However, we don’t publish articles which contain the following:

promotes bigotry, hatred or intimidation;
is demonstrably false or spam; or,
disrupts the site’s operation or layout.

Visitors who abuse the editorial guidelines may be prohibited from submitting content for up to three months at a time.


Postings are the responsibility of individual authors and should not be taken as representative of anyone else or the Trinity River Lookout. The Lookout takes no legal responsibility for the content published by contributors. Any mention of other groups or sources is for informational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement.


Like other sites, visitor stats are logged on the site’s server access log, which is kept private.

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