GTFO Bolsonaro

In the next few days, Dallas will be welcoming, with open arms, the Brazilian “president” Bolsonaro. A person more akin to the usual far-right psycho’s that only South America can produce. Some of his viler acts, currently is his affixation with commodification of the Amazon rain forest. Even to the point where the noted New York Times claims he “poses the single greatest threat to the fragile equilibrium of the Amazon rain forest”. Among other concerns of major corruption, hatred for the indigenous population, dismal approval ratings, neoliberal policies, and fascistic wet dreams. We can all agree that he isn’t the most ethically ambiguous person.

As he tracks in the dust of Amazonian minerals, scrapping off Indigenous population’s aspirations from his dusty jackboots upon the asphalt of DFW international, he trots on into Dallas, a liar’s smirk on his face. As he waltzes towards the podium of an “un-bias” and “non-partisan” NGO, The World Affairs Councils of America. He will accept some kind of participation trophy, in the hopes he may up his dismal ratings of his own country.

He was spat upon once he tried to accept this same reward up near New York, to no applause. Hell, even the liberal mayor Blasio ridicule his racist and homophobic record within Brazil. Bolsonaro offended by the truth, cancelled the event and decided to bask in the supposed support that Dallas did not give him. He claimed that the mayor of Dallas no less invited him…. Rawlings office denied they ever sent the invitation.

But with Rawlings being the usual spineless coward you find commonplace within Texas cities administrations; he will welcome the president no less.  Other wise this does not and will not stop other more annoyed residents of DFW of going out of their way to show Bolsonaro that he is not welcome nor ever will be welcome anywhere near DFW.

Bolsonaro is a bastard, no offense to bastards, Bolsonaro is an asshole, no offense to any assholes reading this. Here are the estimated times actions are taking place against this fucker. He is arriving at DFW Airport supposedly at 9 in the morning, Wednesday the 15th…. Maybe a little welcoming party? Later that day there will be a solidarity action at 325 N St Paul street, Dallas Texas  starting around 4:30 pm. I will admit writing this the day before, this is not the main attraction. But…….

The next day (Thursday the 16th), the formal protest will be taking place at Old Parkland (3819 Maple Avenue). The protest is set to start at 11 am, he is posed to take the award at Noon. The protest will continue on till 4 pm that day. Please come on out and show some solidarity to the people of Brazil and other activist’s organizations of Dallas.

If you can’t make it out, please use this #TexasCancelBolsonaro to express your heartfelt opinions about this ass-wipe. Also please call or tweet some of these people about Bolsonaro coming to Texas, without no good justification or reason other than New York cat fished his ass.

Mayor Mike Rawlings

(214) 670-3301


Rep. Colin Allred

(972) 972-7949


Eddie Bernice Johnson

(214) 922-8885


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