ANTIFA Unmasking Act

ANTIFA is apparently the KKK! A bunch of angry masked Democrats out to hurt those poor poor helpless right-wing nationalists. Who just want to cleanse the world of everyone but white people. Shame on you ANTIFA for punching these dappers and taking away their first amendment rights!

Any sane person reading that would think I have gone totally senile and self-preformed a lobotomy last night. But that first paragraph is probably the line of thinking that Rep. Daniel Donovan Jr. of New York and some of the bills other defenders had. Probably after a few nights of becoming literal Hammer Heads and building a mini wooden mock-up of the Trump wall in their backyard.

But literally this is an actual bill that just got introduced. Coined the “Unmasking ANTIFA act”. Which would “enhance penalties for committing crimes while in disguise. Specifically, wearing a mask while injuring, oppressing, threatening, or intimidating a person who is freely exercising their rights would face fines and up to 15 years imprisonment”. [Link to the Bill]

So practically, in layman terms, if a cop sees you wearing a mask, thinks you are intimidating, oppressing, or threatening he can then go up to you and arrest you. Then take you to jail for 15 years because you thought it would be cool to wear an Anonymous mask and be edgy at a protest for once. This just gives cops another excuse to arrest people, in order to create safe space for shitty people (Alt-right protestors and the likes).

They also would ignore the fact that cops are the literal EMBODIMENT of a person the bill “protects” us from! A person in disguise, wearing a mask acting threatening or intimidating. Who is willing to harm and strip rights away from a person…… Erm maybe a little too vague their Donovan?

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 1.png

But most likely they will also ignore the fact that some Far-Right protestors also wear masks and helmets, which could be in legal terms, a way to disguise themselves. But since they are holding Romanesque shields, or wearing an American flag on their backs, or just having their right arm raised shouting the 14 words of literal feces out of their mouth.

They are deemed non-threatening by the cops and are the ideal American at a protest. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the fact how many times I’ve seen cops pissing on left-wing protestors. But treat the Far-Right protestors with respect, giving them blankets, hot cocoa, and a safe space behind the strong cops (that part might be a little facetious and not base on true fact but I digress).

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 2.png

One needs to remember that white nationalists committed the most extremist killings in 2017, according to NBC news. While the record for murdering people on ANTIFA’s side is still, to my knowledge, a whopping 0.

What society have we become when there are people out there actively wanting to support and give a base to the Far-Right. While others act complacent citing the Bill of Rights as their excuse for their apathy?

A base that was never given to the “Left”, not the democrats the actual “Left”, our freedom of speech was purged a long time ago. In the times of Eugene Debbs, Emma Goldman, and the Hollywood 10. Where was the complaints of the “Right” and the “Moderates” when these people freedom of speech was forcefully taken away from them? Where was the “Right” and the “Moderates” when the Black Panthers were arrested for exercising their 2nd amendment rights? Or when the Supreme court ruled against the 1st amendment when Eugene Debbs was arrested for handing out flyers and being loud? Or when college students were shot dead at Kent State by cops? Or when any black person is injured, oppressed, threatened, or intimidated by cops, or crazy white people?

Now a group of people actively supporting genocide, racism, sexism, and Hitler is entitled to freedom of speech? Let them have a base, and disregard what happened in Europe before WW2? Entitled to be an accepted force in America?

And before someone says, “oh they don’t support genocide”. Well they want an all-white America, how in the hell are they going to fully do that hmmm? These people are dangerous, more dangerous than your typical ANTIFA protester.

If people do not rise up to stop them, who will? Where’s Richard Sphincter after he got cold-cocked? I am all for freedom of speech, but giving a base to these types of people, leads us to normalize their behavior, leading the next generation to believe that this ideology is ok to be around and adopt. Also giving us a Bad Religion single that at first glance shows that Greg might have lost his “keys” to the same couch as Jello Biafra did after the election.

This is not a 1st amendment issue. This is not about if wearing a mask or not should be considered illegal in certain situations. This is about the concern that some people in the national government want to crack-down even more against protesters who don’t really agree with their dreams of a clown pretending to be the American fuhrer. Making left-wing protest even more illegal than it already is. Which is the exact reason why they are forced to mask themselves in the first place. But rest-assured this is not going to pass. Which makes this entire article redundant, but hey. If this actually does pass too many republicans and a few old-timey Democrats are going to be arrested after their Halloween party where they all dress up like “ghosts”.

*Picture credit: Rose City ANTIFA peeps*

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