Pokémon Go offers a rare glimpse of an equitable society

A Haltom City teenager witnessed a fire of playground equipment at a school construction site while playing the Pokémon Go free-to-play mobile game. Other players have aided in the arrest of an assault suspect or built community spirit with a group sing-along of the game’s theme song.

The game’s outreach effects are just a sample of what an equitable society that prioritized people’s autonomy over their homes and workspaces would look like. Neighbors would likely need fewer work hours to secure a level of material comfort, leaving more opportunity for community building outside their homes, like the way Pokémon Go players are doing.

When social welfare is outside the reign of police powers and the necessity of wage labor, people have space to build their own alternative associations, and the perpetuation of those associations make coercive institutions even less relevant.

Image credit: Sadie Hernandez, Creative Commons license

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