Future private prison executive to be responsible for licensing private prisons (satire)

Dismissing concerns that his future employment with the Corrections Corporation of America would compromise his ability of regulating the for-profit corrections and detention facility operator, the head of the agency responsible for child and adult protective services told reporters he couldn’t believe some would question his integrity.

John J. Specia was appointed commissioner in 2012 of the Department of Family and Protective Services, overseeing more than 11,000 employees. “I as well as anyone should know what it takes to abide by the minimum ethical standards,” said the former district judge.

The Corrections Corporation of America came under scrutiny when one of its detection facilities in Texas was found by a federal judge to be in a “deplorable” condition, requiring the release of immigrants detained there. Specia is head of the state regulatory body that would oversee the facility under a proposed licensing program to keep the facility operational.

Specia said his future employment in the private prison industry shouldn’t come as a surprise. He added, “My whole career has been tied to the justice system, so I look at my future opportunity as just another progression of administering coerced labor and the institutionalized suppression of those who would oppose the ruling class.”

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