Sherman council’s annexation offer leaving locals flushed

To gain access to the city of Sherman’s water system, a group of Grayson county residents are yielding to the city’s call for annexation.

Approximately 100 of the 150 county residents nearby Sherman who are experiencing issues with water services have signed the request for incorporation. The city council is making the water infrastructure improvements contingent on the expansion of the city’s jurisdiction. The support was expected as working-class people are commonly conditioned to give way to successive spans of servitude for access to basic means of survival.

Households that could see their cost of living raise by an estimated $800 per year have objected to the land grab. From KXII (News 12), “We can’t see any benefit for us as far as water or emergency services,” said Slyvia Hema, who resides within the contested 200 acres. “I mean we have all that and (sic) we’re happy with what we have.”

The city is expected to generate an additional $110,000 in taxes and fees per year if the annexation is completed, according to KXII. The city is planning public hearings in November and December.

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