GTFO Bolsonaro

In the next few days, Dallas will be welcoming, with open arms, the Brazilian “president” Bolsonaro. A person more akin to the usual far-right psycho’s that only South America can produce. Some of his viler acts, currently is his affixation with commodification of the Amazon rain forest. Even to the point where the noted New York Times claims he “poses the single greatest threat to the fragile equilibrium of the Amazon rain forest”. Among other concerns of major corruption, hatred for the indigenous population, dismal approval ratings, neoliberal policies, and fascistic wet dreams. We can all agree that he isn’t the most ethically ambiguous person.

As he tracks in the dust of Amazonian minerals, scrapping off Indigenous population’s aspirations from his dusty jackboots upon the asphalt of DFW international, he trots on into Dallas, a liar’s smirk on his face. As he waltzes towards the podium of an “un-bias” and “non-partisan” NGO, The World Affairs Councils of America. He will accept some kind of participation trophy, in the hopes he may up his dismal ratings of his own country.

He was spat upon once he tried to accept this same reward up near New York, to no applause. Hell, even the liberal mayor Blasio ridicule his racist and homophobic record within Brazil. Bolsonaro offended by the truth, cancelled the event and decided to bask in the supposed support that Dallas did not give him. He claimed that the mayor of Dallas no less invited him…. Rawlings office denied they ever sent the invitation.

But with Rawlings being the usual spineless coward you find commonplace within Texas cities administrations; he will welcome the president no less.  Other wise this does not and will not stop other more annoyed residents of DFW of going out of their way to show Bolsonaro that he is not welcome nor ever will be welcome anywhere near DFW.

Bolsonaro is a bastard, no offense to bastards, Bolsonaro is an asshole, no offense to any assholes reading this. Here are the estimated times actions are taking place against this fucker. He is arriving at DFW Airport supposedly at 9 in the morning, Wednesday the 15th…. Maybe a little welcoming party? Later that day there will be a solidarity action at 325 N St Paul street, Dallas Texas  starting around 4:30 pm. I will admit writing this the day before, this is not the main attraction. But…….

The next day (Thursday the 16th), the formal protest will be taking place at Old Parkland (3819 Maple Avenue). The protest is set to start at 11 am, he is posed to take the award at Noon. The protest will continue on till 4 pm that day. Please come on out and show some solidarity to the people of Brazil and other activist’s organizations of Dallas.

If you can’t make it out, please use this #TexasCancelBolsonaro to express your heartfelt opinions about this ass-wipe. Also please call or tweet some of these people about Bolsonaro coming to Texas, without no good justification or reason other than New York cat fished his ass.

Mayor Mike Rawlings

(214) 670-3301


Rep. Colin Allred

(972) 972-7949


Eddie Bernice Johnson

(214) 922-8885



Human Trafficking Gold’s story

As a local to Fort Worth, Human Trafficking seems commonplace; a scar that materializes in almost every corner store, seemingly in every community, and in the hearts and minds of victims families. 300,000 people, 80,000 of them children, have fallen victim to this modern-day form of slavery. For those unaware Texas is the second most egregious in this category, only behind the liberal stronghold of California and barely hovering over the absurd landscape of Florida.  


A local Anarchist who will be referred to as Gold, shared their story to us last week. A common yet unique tale that freezes those uninitiated with the cruel realization that has been spun by vile slavers, stunned analysts and heartbroken families. Something a volunteer of this collective experienced fervently when talking to Gold last week.     


Gold: It was me, my partner, S, and this girl’s lesbian gf (A). To some degree or another, these girls are all “call girls” with the exception of my partner. We just do the drugs we’re not about the sex work life.


Interviewer: Understood.


Gold: So anyway one day after getting spun and speedballing for what had to have been weeks, the lesbians got into a peculiar argument and locked me and my gf up on her balcony with no way down for four hours. We come in to see A, practically dying of overdose because she did a shot and we knew something wasn’t right.


Interviewer: Holy Crap. What happened then?


Gold: So we tried to keep A from overdosing and nursed her back to health and then suddenly all this weird stuff starts happening like the girl whose house it was, B, who just stabbed her last week just invites herself in and starts some shit. we get her out of lesbian girls house we’ll call her S. B is now skulking around the downstairs about to start a conflict. So we hit the road and go buy 20 dollars of tar from conspicuously enough A and B (who I thought were fighting). So A goes back home, B goes back to S’s house.


Gold: The drugs are beginning to take hold. My girlfriend and I are roofied.  everything is hazy but I maintain focus. So my girlfriend and S start talking about tonight’s plans and like obviously S is trying to do some calls but she’s being shady.


Gold: So anyway we are totally roofied and fading in and out of existence and [than its] kicking [in] and like it’s hard to hold on. S tells us to drive to an area in ft worth. I begin not remembering anything.  Several different groups of people moving in and out of the car, we’re walking down the street in the middle of the ghetto. I notice S puts a volleyball from the road in the trunk while I’m putting my tar in the trunk but it was a distraction.


Interviewer: Do you know who drugged you?

Gold: S drugged our drinks while we were locked on the balcony early and we trusted her. Because we’ve known her ten years.


Interviewer: Shit


Gold: I’m fine no pity for me all my ladies are safe and so am I.


Interviewer: That’s great news


Gold: We’re being tailed all the way from the ft worth ghetto to vineyard in Mansfield
So my gf and I go back upstairs with S and some random black guy. I go to the trunk of the car to get my tar and at some point 5 sheathed blades have been put into the trunk of our car. The whole time S was saying “let me drive let me drive” because we kept roofied crashing the car but we never let anyone else drive. I realized S never meant for us to make it back to Mansfield, she meant for us to be kidnapped in Fort Worth.

Interviewer: Wow


Gold: So I managed to get one knife out of the trunk but it was hard to conceal because I had to save face and roll bowls for a while without anyone noticing I was the one that stole the fifth knife. Turns out the security camera caught four guys lurking outside and breaking into our trunk to get the rest of the knives out. So we dipped just just just in time. And unfortunately, S and B probably got the short end of the stick being two ladies at home with a bunch of human traffickers. S kept calling everyone’s phones demanding they come back but she was demanding they come back so they could turn a forced trick and everyone was really against that.


Gold: So like I don’t know where I’m really getting with all of this but there is a specific ring of middle-aged African American men involved in black market human trafficking stuff and like.  If I hadn’t thought fast my girlfriend, I, and A would be in their custody either dead or chained to a bed and it was really upsetting that a childhood friend could get us into that and that it was so close to home.


Thankfully Gold and their partner did not fall victim. Currently, the group in question has not been apprehended. Though Gold did give us a few tidbits of information about what they remember after being in a roofied state. For one the lady nicknamed S picked up a volleyball and put it in a trunk. Two the area this happened was around the intersection of East Loop 820 South and East Berry, near Willian Mcdonald Park on the outskirts of Stop Six. They went from the Vineyard, which is an apartment complex near Mansfield Texas towards stop six than back down to the Vineyard.


Gold spoke briefly about the current climate of human trafficking:


“These days it’s as easy as roofying your best friends and then getting them kidnapped in Fort Worth. I just want a message put out to sex workers that it is seriously not safe even in our own backyards even with childhood friends”.

As Anarchists, we understand that the police will never solve the problem of human trafficking along with other outrageous issues plaguing our society today. This problem, at least in my lifetime, has gotten worse and more organized over the years. Yet Gold and the countless lucky ones who dodged vile fingers of slavers, are just that….lucky. There is no Deus Ex Machina in this story no community infrastructure in place to help deter the inhumane markets of slavery. Only sheer determination, application of advice to avoid harrowing situations, and luck.    

Interviewer: Is there any advice that you would like us to add in the piece?

Gold: Always know where you’re going, who is doing who with what, who is riding in the car, and who is on what drugs.  Look out for strangers. Be aware of when you’ve been drugged. Don’t let other people drive your car. Make sure someone else somewhere else knows where you are and what you’re doing.   Stay vigilant. If you see anyone having a weapon of any sort ever, it’s red alert.

Furthermore, those who yearn for a better tomorrow and the abolition of all forms of slavery. Relying on the authorities is not enough. Just go to any corner store and read cards asking for donations to help look for people lost to the tides of enslavement to see how much the cops are capable of.

Not only do we need community action to watch and to squash any form of kidnapping but people to come out and broadcast their stories; either of a loved one or their own personal experience. If you or anyone you know and love has ever been touched by human trafficking, we here at TRL want to transcribe your story to help bring out the human aspects of human trafficking. Not just lifeless numbers and stats that blare upon the T.V. for none to take note. Please contact us on Messenger on our Facebook page (Link). Also a million thanks to Gold for their story.


*Names have obviously been changed for anonymity purposes.*   

Op-ed about Beto

The idea that all the problems ailing our communities will be resolved through the mass collection of digitize ballots going through winding electrical wires to be delivered as the silver bullet toour political boogeyman is a liberal wet dream.

One new white guy faking Hispanic roots attempting to join the senate replacing the  Zodiac Killer, will not change the fact that the people are still going to be called “illegal”, be thrown into cages justified by judicial reckonings of ethnicity and so called citizenship, and be cast into the lowest caste of America barred elevation by institutionalized racism.

This liberal fable will not stop our obsession with missiles and guns, but in fact supports and nurtures it. This fable will not bring in Socialism of any kind, but the facade of welfare capitalism disguise as “democratic socialism”. This fable will support the genocidal tendencies of an Apartheid government filled with vile hatred, and malcontent against the Palestinian population.

A wave from his left hand will not solve homelessness but abide it to continue and to increase if that means a better profit margin for the fam. A wave from his right does nothing but sedate and hypnotize the Hispanic population, who pray for a better life devoid of racists cops and I.C.E., and young people who want a better life devoid of debt and the putrid stink of decaying late stage capitalism.

The Dallas Observer came out last week to endorse this democratic fable, a yuppy named Beto O’Rouke.  A sell out from El Paso Texas, who made grounds in his community trying to destroy a historic barrio,a ghetto, and replace it with a stadium. The families of the barrio gave him cool nicknames like “lil bitch” and “puto”.

As a guy who is supposed to help fix our Immigration problem, he like most Democrats, only deal with what is visible. Reforming or replacing ICE, easing raids, and solidify the DREAMers act is like cutting the stock of a weed. Never dealing with the vast system of roots under the dirt. Reforming and or replacing ICE will just give power to another organization who will commit the same atrocities, easing raids on the federal level will not stop mass deportation, and solidifying the DREAMers act will not help undocumented who are not dreamers nor will it make the application process to become a dreamer, or a citizen any less harrowing.

One of the many lies Cruz spat from his orifice was that Beto supports open borders. To proliferate the racist undertones of the Republicans immigration policy. Granted I wish this was true. Despite popular opinion opening the borders is not a step back into chaos but a step forward. America had opened borders before and we held up just fine with no negative economic or social impact. We closed the borders due to racist and xenophobic ideas being spread across the country around the 1920’s using immigrants as a scapegoat for many of America’s social and economic problems. More info (here), (here) and (here).

Another more concerning thing Cruz and Beto did under the Obama administration was voted for a little small measure called the TPA. The Trade Promotion Authority gives the current administration the ability to fast track trade deals, without the nuisance of filibustering or the process of bringing at back to the house to make more adjustments to a trade deal. Most Democrats think this is awesome right? Hell, yeah Obama can enact the TPP!

Everyone wins! Except workers and consumers. Which if you think about, it constitutes almost everyone in America. Leaving only the rich, multi-national corporations, Obama, and the Republicans. I would say the Democrats as well, but at least in the house only 28 out 185 voted for this. It makes it even worse when you start to understand how horrid this trade deal was. It was considered NAFTA on crack. Something that even Donald Trump cannot muster up in his devilish pea size brain of his. Only a group of heartless psychopaths from multinational corporations could think up of. Well among those who supported the bill, two was noticeable: one, Tim Kaine that nobody who was Hillary’s running mate and two Beto O’Rouke. If you want more info about the TPP check out these two videos (AJ+) (WikiLeaks).

Still moving on is the Taylor Security act, basic summary 631.5 billion dollars invested into the arms forces on top of the trillions already there. Including 28.5 Billion increase for essential readiness recovery. Plus, the decision to take away more non-existing aid from Palestine. Which to be honest I did not even know they even got pennies from the American government. So here is the drill, I make a damning remark against Beto, give you some sources, and demonstrate how crazy this guy can be at times. Also, just a side note, he also votes for military budget increases regularly.

Why does this matter? What is the point on writing an op ed against Beto? Especially since a lot of people are putting money on him to win? It is a reminder that politicians suck. Even the ones who say that they are soooo punk rock on their professionally made business cards. Handed out by some old white lady with too much time on her hands, but too much apathy to do something important like feeding homeless or spreading an empowering d.i.y. political strategy to kids or instigating a much-needed slam pit at a boring Willie Nelson concert.

Granted the other two options available on the ballot is the Zodiac Killer in the flesh or the Libertarian. The former wants policies to further accelerate our economic demise as a country, accelerate environmental degradation which if I might add will spell the end to 7 BILLION people. While scapegoating undocumented workers as the reason why our economy is going down the drain and denying the substantial evidence for man-made climate change. Noam Chomsky puts it best when he described the Republicans as worse than the Nazi’s.  

In reality change does not come from the top, from the people in charge. It comes from massive upheaval in the streets. Beto is no Martin Luther King. Once he is there the only thing he wants from you is to keep quiet, don’t get angsty, and wait four years to vote for him again. By idolizing a man as your political savior is foolhardy; your real political savior is sitting right next to you on the bus or your co-worker, or that person you once recognized as a person full of potential staring back at you in the mirror before you crush your soul working a 9-5.

Do not expect one man to impeach Trump, or to reverse Republican policies, or to get rid of this caste system, of the: rich aristocracy, poor workers, the undocumented, and prisoners and homeless. The lower in this system you are the less likely your leaders, the ones you voted in, will listen to your concerns. Understanding that even if you are middle class or working class you still have significantly less power to influence a politician. Than you average CEO. 

Don’t only fight in the ring of electoral politics by endorsing candidates you can stomach, without the need of the lesser of two evil bullshit you ingest every time you turn on CNN.  Refuse to vote for politicians who do not make concessions to your ideology. Why should we tailor ourselves for politicians? Why not the other way around?

This can do better than voting in, statistically speaking, another rich white ass, who will only support the things you support only 1/3 of the time. Civil rights were not won by voting for the lesser of two evils. It was an arduous and long process cultivated through dozens of illegal actions. Martin Luther King was no Beto.

Building true grassroots politics requires: time, effort, passion, commitment, and building social bonds with your neighbors and comrades. Not two weeks of phone banking and annoying people to go vote. Only to cry when your candidate doesn’t get elected. Then wait two more years to try to make a difference again, this is foolish.

Fight in streets with civil disobedience, boycott businesses that refuse to serve LGBTQ individuals and make damn sure they will lose money, disrupt all city meetings until they comply with your communities demands, refuse to comply with cops and immigration until they stop being racist sexist dicks.

Strengthen your communities through networks of reciprocity and trust. Become the good neighbor not only to the working-class family but also to the working class undocumented and the working class African American families.

Revamp the underground railroad, conduct mutual aid with the impoverished, build squats for the homeless, provide general funds for the community, share food and other basic necessities. Simple actions like this can help find empowering solutions to systemic problems.

These are the first steps, the corner stone in creating cities that empower its citizen in the political sphere. Where communal politics like that of Rojava can flourish and blossom. More information about Rojavan politics (here). We are currently at a disadvantage. We gave our autonomy to the bureaucrats of representative democracy. Only to have them take our trust, our votes, and our confidence to morph into an aristocratic plutocracy for the rich. Proliferating the system without opting for change on a systemic level will just destroy us further.

ANTIFA Unmasking Act

ANTIFA is apparently the KKK! A bunch of angry masked Democrats out to hurt those poor poor helpless right-wing nationalists. Who just want to cleanse the world of everyone but white people. Shame on you ANTIFA for punching these dappers and taking away their first amendment rights!

Any sane person reading that would think I have gone totally senile and self-preformed a lobotomy last night. But that first paragraph is probably the line of thinking that Rep. Daniel Donovan Jr. of New York and some of the bills other defenders had. Probably after a few nights of becoming literal Hammer Heads and building a mini wooden mock-up of the Trump wall in their backyard.

But literally this is an actual bill that just got introduced. Coined the “Unmasking ANTIFA act”. Which would “enhance penalties for committing crimes while in disguise. Specifically, wearing a mask while injuring, oppressing, threatening, or intimidating a person who is freely exercising their rights would face fines and up to 15 years imprisonment”. [Link to the Bill]

So practically, in layman terms, if a cop sees you wearing a mask, thinks you are intimidating, oppressing, or threatening he can then go up to you and arrest you. Then take you to jail for 15 years because you thought it would be cool to wear an Anonymous mask and be edgy at a protest for once. This just gives cops another excuse to arrest people, in order to create safe space for shitty people (Alt-right protestors and the likes).

They also would ignore the fact that cops are the literal EMBODIMENT of a person the bill “protects” us from! A person in disguise, wearing a mask acting threatening or intimidating. Who is willing to harm and strip rights away from a person…… Erm maybe a little too vague their Donovan?

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 1.png

But most likely they will also ignore the fact that some Far-Right protestors also wear masks and helmets, which could be in legal terms, a way to disguise themselves. But since they are holding Romanesque shields, or wearing an American flag on their backs, or just having their right arm raised shouting the 14 words of literal feces out of their mouth.

They are deemed non-threatening by the cops and are the ideal American at a protest. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the fact how many times I’ve seen cops pissing on left-wing protestors. But treat the Far-Right protestors with respect, giving them blankets, hot cocoa, and a safe space behind the strong cops (that part might be a little facetious and not base on true fact but I digress).

ANTIFA Unmasked pic 2.png

One needs to remember that white nationalists committed the most extremist killings in 2017, according to NBC news. While the record for murdering people on ANTIFA’s side is still, to my knowledge, a whopping 0.

What society have we become when there are people out there actively wanting to support and give a base to the Far-Right. While others act complacent citing the Bill of Rights as their excuse for their apathy?

A base that was never given to the “Left”, not the democrats the actual “Left”, our freedom of speech was purged a long time ago. In the times of Eugene Debbs, Emma Goldman, and the Hollywood 10. Where was the complaints of the “Right” and the “Moderates” when these people freedom of speech was forcefully taken away from them? Where was the “Right” and the “Moderates” when the Black Panthers were arrested for exercising their 2nd amendment rights? Or when the Supreme court ruled against the 1st amendment when Eugene Debbs was arrested for handing out flyers and being loud? Or when college students were shot dead at Kent State by cops? Or when any black person is injured, oppressed, threatened, or intimidated by cops, or crazy white people?

Now a group of people actively supporting genocide, racism, sexism, and Hitler is entitled to freedom of speech? Let them have a base, and disregard what happened in Europe before WW2? Entitled to be an accepted force in America?

And before someone says, “oh they don’t support genocide”. Well they want an all-white America, how in the hell are they going to fully do that hmmm? These people are dangerous, more dangerous than your typical ANTIFA protester.

If people do not rise up to stop them, who will? Where’s Richard Sphincter after he got cold-cocked? I am all for freedom of speech, but giving a base to these types of people, leads us to normalize their behavior, leading the next generation to believe that this ideology is ok to be around and adopt. Also giving us a Bad Religion single that at first glance shows that Greg might have lost his “keys” to the same couch as Jello Biafra did after the election.

This is not a 1st amendment issue. This is not about if wearing a mask or not should be considered illegal in certain situations. This is about the concern that some people in the national government want to crack-down even more against protesters who don’t really agree with their dreams of a clown pretending to be the American fuhrer. Making left-wing protest even more illegal than it already is. Which is the exact reason why they are forced to mask themselves in the first place. But rest-assured this is not going to pass. Which makes this entire article redundant, but hey. If this actually does pass too many republicans and a few old-timey Democrats are going to be arrested after their Halloween party where they all dress up like “ghosts”.

*Picture credit: Rose City ANTIFA peeps*


In an effort to further organize the working class Xican@ community in Oak Cliff, a Spanish language book club has been organized. The initial meeting will be Feb. 4 at 6pm. They will be reading The Communist Manifesto and watching The Patagonian Rebellion.

From CRFM:


El club de lectura Ricardo Flores Magon es un lugar donde radicales se pueden juntar para aprender del anarquismo. Es donde podremos construir un ambiente de comunidad revolucionaria entre todos para luchar por un mundo mejor.

(pg 23)
La Patagonia rebelde (Hector Olivera, 1974).

Download THIS! Brazil (1985)

Magnet Torrent Link


Low-level bureaucrat Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) escapes the monotony of his day-to-day life through a recurring daydream of himself as a virtuous hero saving a beautiful damsel. Investigating a case that led to the wrongful arrest and eventual death of an innocent man instead of wanted terrorist Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro), he meets the woman from his daydream (Kim Greist), and in trying to help her gets caught in a web of mistaken identities, mindless bureaucracy and lies.


Download THIS! Emma Goldman: An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman (2004) PBS documentary

Magnet Torrent Link


Emma Goldman is a woman of great ability and of personal magnetism, and her persuasive powers are such to make her an exceedingly dangerous woman.
— U.S. Attorney Francis Caffey, 1917

For nearly half a century, Russian emigrant Emma Goldman was the most controversial woman in America, taunting the mainstream with her fervent attacks on government, big business, and war. To the tabloids, she was “Red Emma, queen of the anarchists,” but many admired Goldman for her defense of labor rights, women’s emancipation, birth control, and free speech.

Emma Goldman a ninety-minute biography of the notorious lecturer, fearless writer, and merciless publisher, includes fresh perspectives on Goldman offered by historians Oz Frankel, Barry Pateman, and Robert Rosenstone; biographer Alice Wexler; novelist E. L. Doctorow; poet Andrei Codrescu; and playwrights Tony Kushner and Martin Duberman.

Download THIS! Punishment Park (1971)

Torrent Magnet Link


Set in a detention camp in an America of the dystopian past, Punishment Park’s pseudo-documentary style places a British film crew amongst a group of young students and minor dissidents who have opted to spend three days in “Bear Mountain Punishment Park”. The detainees, rather than accept lengthy jail sentences for their “crimes”, gamble their freedom on an attempt to reach an American flag — on foot and without water – through the searing heat of the desert. The pursuit of Group 637 a lethal game of cat-and-mouse with a squad of heavily armed police and National Guardsmen is contrasted with the corrupt trial of Group 638 by a quasi-judicial tribunal.







La lucha sigue! Tabling at a Dallas art show success for local anarchists

Under the cover of night local artists, poets, musicians and anarchists converged at local Xican@ community Center The Meet Shop OC to celebrate our collective rebellion thumbing our noses at the City of Dallas’ art-hating, party-crashing fire marshal (Who’s office has been battling the cities artists for several months).

Members of Ft. Worth’s Black Cat Collective and Dallas’ Emma Goldman Book Club tabled and gave away dozens of Pyramid of Capitalism posters as well as Fuck the Police posters inviting others to the next meeting.

The anarchists were joined by other parties interested in the liberation of the working class. We understand that liberation will only come through the education, organization and agitation of the working class.


Working-class media and resources for North Texas